Two Months Pregnant

Two Months Pregnant: Symptoms and Tips. Pregnancy is a process that changes both you and your life. In the first month of pregnancy, it is really difficult to understand that you are pregnant. Of course, you may have some symptoms related to pregnancy in the first month, but you may think that these signs occur because of some diseases. Therefore, in the second month of pregnancy, you now feel that you are pregnant because you are now aware that these experiences are totally different from other ones in your life. Generally, all women are curious about they will be bloated or not in the second month of pregnancy, however, a baby has not yet developed enough to affect your abdomen in this month. In this article, we will give details about the second month of pregnancy below.

The Second Month of Pregnancy Symptoms

During this period, there will be some changing for baby in your body, but none of the symptoms of the second months of pregnancy is obvious. In fact, you experience the same changes in the first month, most of the symptoms are normal.

  • Nausea in the morning is a common sign of pregnancy and affects almost 85% of women. It continues during the second month of pregnancy and passes through the third month. Nausea has no effect on the baby, but it may cause you to have problems in your daily life.
  • Your emotions will also start to change during this period. It is very normal to have mood swings. hormones may make the mother cheerful and happy on some days, while sometimes may make her rather gloomy and depressive. In this situation, you need to do something that makes you relax, because stress may affect your baby’s health during pregnancy.
  • You start going to the bathroom more.
  • Breasts of estrogen and progesterone hormones to prepare your body for maternity, so it begins to grow.
  • During this period, your appetite has increased. You do not need to limit yourself in this process, but you need to consume healthy foods for both of you, you and your baby.
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Two Months Pregnant and Baby Development

Your baby is now a blueberry size. It’s actually like a curved tube. One side of the tube is connected to the head and the other to the placenta. There is a spinal cord that begins to shape between these two sides. The baby’s height and weight can be checked by ultrasound. In this period, the baby mostly is mostly about 1 inch and a weight of about 1/3 ounce. Your baby’s head will be quite large; and ears, nose, eyes, and eyelids began to form. Heart tissue of the baby will be renewed in the second months. The 2-month pregnancy can be noticed with the ultrasound scan. In addition, your baby’s arms and genital organs start to begin, but genital organs are not seen during this time. An ultrasound during pregnancy is a necessary diagnostic tool, but too much use of it can damage the mother and the baby, as well.

What Should I Do?

You should be careful about what you eat and when you ate when you are pregnant.  You should avoid using something like alcohol, tobacco, mercury which will affect the baby adversely. A diet consisting of plenty of vegetables and fruit, lean meat, and fluid will be quite healthy. Vitamins you should take during pregnancy can be listed as folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, iron, and iodine. Folic acid is particularly important in the first trimester of pregnancy. Broccoli, leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits are rich sources of folic acid. Milk and dairy products are the best sources of calcium, and calcium is essential for your baby’s bones and teeth

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Gaining Weight in the Second Month

You do not need to eat too much during pregnancy. 200 calories per day will usually be enough. Contrary to what you think, you don’t have to eat for two. In the second month of pregnancy, gaining 1-1.5 pounds is normal.

Sexual Intercourse in the Second Month

Fatigue, nausea, and some other pregnancy symptoms may affect your mood, but they may not have an effect on your sexual life during this period of pregnancy. You do not need to use a birth control pill or condom in this period. In addition, the baby is not negatively affected by sexual intercourse.

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